Experience & Interactivity

The experience provided visitors will be central to the museum's vision and will be at the heart of every exhibition. 

  •     Presentation (various ways art will be presented)
  •     Actual works (two- and three-dimensional)
  •     Video screens
  •     Interactive viewer directed presentations
  •     Website
  •     Movies  (documentary presentations)
  •     Continuous rotation of exhibits
  •     Outside exhibitions will be rotated in to the Museum bi-monthly

Education will be integral to every exhibit. The permanent collection will be on a monthly rotation basis to keep the Museum fresh Interactive and engaging. These exhibitions are critical in ensuring effectiveness and patronage. 

Exhibitions will be designed to be alive with content that is interactive, experiential and participatory. All of these elements encourage visitors to engage with the exhibition content. 

SWRMA will provide an active environment in which to experience art. Architectural spaces will highlight the art, providing visitors with a real all around art experience. Skylight and clear stories will allow natural light to filter into the museum. 

Within the museum there will be an extensive gift shop, the galleries, classrooms, workspace and offices. We are planning a museum with a world-class art experience for museum-goers.