Collections Acquired

The museum's art will include, but not limited to: Original Prints, Painting, Ceramics, Drawings, Sculpture, Photography, Woodworking, Glass and Video Arts. The collection will be centered around a strong original print collection. 

The permanent collection will consist of works by noted regional artists as well as American artists of reputation. Short-run exhibitions will come by loan, juried shows, crated exhibits and traveling art exhibition services. 

*The museum will acquire works of art in all genre by American artists of established reputation. The curator will decide the quality of a particular artwork and how it fits within the scope of American art and the collection. SWRMA will accept gifted works of art, which may be retained for the permanent collection or may be sold. Funds from sales of gifted pieces will go solely toward the museum collection for conservation and/or acquisition.

“Vase”     Hand-blown glass  
Ralph Johnson Collection 

one of a series by
Richard Diebenkorn      1922-1993

“Endangered Species”       Bronze  
Ho Baron

“Beacon in the Desert”     Oil    
Stanislaus Sowinski       1928-2010

“Pasaeggaio”     Oil
George Douglas Durrant      1942-2015

“View from Frisius Rd Julian”
Stanislaus Sowinski

“Gas Station Steer”     Casein/ink    
Leighton Fossum      1922-2011

“Volcan Mountain, Lingering  Clouds”    Watercolor
James Hamill

“Shadowplay”     Oil
Joan Boyer