Should you like to make a major donation There are also opportunities for Bene-factor- Named Museum Areas. For example, the Art Research Library within the museum is the gift of Mr. C.N. “Spike” Flanders and will be so designated with a brass plate inscribed with his name.  

Specific areas that can be donor-named are as follows:

Main Entrance redesign and construction including ADA ramp - $25,000

Fine Art Glass Collection- $250,000.  Ralph Johnson donation*

Fine Art Glass Gallery – $10,000.

Gallery A – Permanent Collection - $10,000    

Gallery B – Invited Traveling Exhibitions - $10,000.

Gallery C – Curated Artist Group-initiated exhibitions -$10,000.

Art Center Studio classroom – $15,000. 

Art Research Library – C.N. Flanders donation*

The Sculpture Plaza - $35,000

For more information on donating contact SWRMA and Art Center Board of Directors  by email at: 

All Monetary gifts, gifts of art, bequests, and deferred gifts to SWRMA and Art Center are greatly appreciated and will be used to enhance the museum and its programs.