Museum Background

Artist Victoria Chick originally organized this museum effort. She formed a board of directors for the museum and for the last three years that board has been working toward making an art museum in Silver City a reality. The name Southwest Regional Museum of Art and Art Center was created as an expression of the Board’s desire to serve the entire southwest quadrant of New Mexico, which is currently very underserved in cultural resources, especially visual arts. The Board has formed a Mission Statement, a list of goals for the museum, a description of what the museum is to be and how it should serve Silver City residents, surrounding communities and visitors. We are considered a non-profit corporation by the state of New Mexico.

The board has been developing all the necessary planning for the museum including; Museum programs, staffing, budgets and so on. One of the board's major efforts has been to find a home for the museum. They have done analyses of several facilities and even going so far as to have schematic planning done to see if the facilities will meet the needs of the museum. Currently the board is focused on acquisition of the old Silver City Post Office Building.