Progress to Date

A generous donor has established an endowment for museum. This endowment will fund the museum’s operating costs. SWRMA has also been gifted over 1000 pieces of fine art including original prints, paintings, sculpture and a large dynamic glass collection. 

Since achieving non-profit status, 501(c)(3), we have been accepted by the Grant County Community Foundation to participate in their major yearly fund raising event. We are working with the Silver City Main Street program to find and secure an historic building in the downtown that will become the museum. We have completed architectural surveys on several historic buildings to determine if they will work for the museum’s needs and have developed a catalog of programs the museum will offer. 

To date we've examined and researched our target market, possible museum programs, fundraising methods, museum partners, other art museums, staffing requirements, methods of advertising, budgets, non profit incorporation, available government programs, expenses and capital outlay, equipment and furniture requirements. Our financial planning tells us that the usage, grants available, and government funding will make the museum a viable operation for the future. Silver City has long been known as an art community. Through this museum the community stands to gain a great deal both economically and culturally.  This museum will put Silver on the art map of the US. 

We have also:

  • Created a logo
  • Generated our space and equipment needs
  • Developed artist renderings and estimates
  • Surveyed several buildings
  • Done our financial planning
  • Generated the background information for a Feasibility Study
  • Started our fundraising
  • Gathered extensive startup and museum planning information and guides

We encourage you to join us in this endeavor with a donation of art, a financial donation or with your time. If you wish to help in any way please contact us via our email -