How to Help

SWRMA cannot operate without you! We are YOUR museum and the museum needs you to help keep us in your community. SWRMA is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Corporation.

There are many ways you can support the museum.  You can:

‍    A.  Become a Platinum or Gold Member - Family or Individual

‍    B.  You can take out a Platinum Corporate Membership

‍    C.  Offer Donations large or small

‍    D.  You can fill one of our Volunteer Opportunities.

To volunteer, please call:

Victoria Chick

To donate by check, mail to to:

SouthWest Regional Museum of Art

c/o Victoria Chick

119 Cow Trail 

Arenas Valley, NM 88022

Your gift will make a difference and there are several ways to package your gift. 

  • Annual Fund
  • Memorials & Tributes
  • Planned Giving
  • Donating Art


Should you like to make a major donation There are also opportunities for Benefactor-Named Museum Areas. For example, the Art Research Library within the museum is the gift of Mr. C.N. “Spike” Flanders and will be so designated with a brass plate inscribed with his name.  

Specific areas that can be donor-named are as follows:

  • Main Entrance redesign and construction including ADA ramp - $25,000
  • Fine Art Glass Collection- $250,000.  Ralph Johnson donation*
  • Fine Art Glass Gallery – $10,000.
  • Gallery A – Permanent Collection - $10,000    
  • Gallery B – Invited Traveling Exhibitions - $10,000.
  • Gallery C – Curated Artist Group-initiated exhibitions -$10,000.
  • Art Center Studio classroom – $15,000. 
  • Art Research Library – C.N. Flanders donation*
  • The Sculpture Plaza - $35,000

For more information on donating contact SWRMA and Art Center Board of Directors  by email at:  

All Monetary gifts, gifts of art, bequests, and deferred gifts to SWRMA and Art Center are greatly appreciated and will be used to enhance the museum and its programs.

Santa Fe artist Will Schuster 1893-1969

3D rendering of future museum interior concept by
Jeff Haynie