The Facility

Area for a Facility

Research has told the board the best location for a museum would be in the historic/art district of Downtown Silver City. Further, the site should be in a prominent place and preferably in a building that is historically significant. 

A Building

After a great deal of research and analysis of several buildings, the board has decided the best facility available to fit the needs of the museum is the Old Post Office Building on Broadway. This building is currently in private ownership and the owners  responded with a $500,000 price when we inquired.

Why This Facility

This building works well for the museum because of its potential exhibition space, historic significance, well-built structure, proximity to the Silver City History Museum and a large parking area. The site is large enough for eventual expansion. The general neighborhood is well-kept and is located on a major arterial street. 

In order to turn the Old Silver Post Office into a museum, it will take three steps:


Building Cost - $500,000

Closing Cost - $88,500   

Down Payment - $165,000

To Secure the Building - $253,500

Drawing of original building to right

Size - 3,386 sf on Upper Level
3,386 sf on Lower Level


Cost - $265,000

Secure the Building - $253,500

Furnishings - $150,000

Salaries - $130,000

Other - $50,000

Total Cost to Startup - $848,500

Drawing of original building to right

Size - 3,386 sf on Upper Level

3,386 sf on Lower Level

Total Gallery Space - 2,800 sf


Cost - $1,500,000

Size of Addition - 

3,800 on Main Level

4,117 on Lower Level

1,000 on Upper Level

Drawing of original building to right

Total New Gallery Space - 5,800 sf

We have completed an architectural analysis of this building and had artist renderings gifted to the effort. We also have received estimates on the work it will take to update this 1934 building and to make it functional as a museum. We are currently in the process if trying to secure the building in the name of the Southwest Regional Museum and Art Center. PLEASE help us by being a part of this project.